Now, more than ever, we need to learn a new way to operate our businesses.

In times like these, we are forced to innovate. I have been innovating the way women operate their businesses for years, but now as outside pressures are pushing in, we have to find a way to navigate our businesses and our lives more effectively. 


My Women in the Business Arena program was made for these times!

Common myths I am going to bust


Marketing is the key to business success.

A passive income or big money is the path to freedom.

I can’t charge what I know I am worth because my target market won’t buy from me.

I have to choose money or time (and space), but I can’t have them all.

I have to be extroverted to succeed in business. 

I have to be like everyone else in business...hustling, busy and exhausting myself.

To become more successful I have to experience burnout, again. 

I need to have thousands of followers and/or email subscribers to have impact.

I have to choose sales tactics that are misaligned with my integrity if I am going to make big money. 

Truths I will show you in my program


You can do minimal marketing if you have a solid business foundation. 

You can create freedom right now.

You can charge what you are worth & find plenty of your ideal clients.

You can have money, time, balance & space without ever having to choose one over the other.

You can have minimal time & energy, AND still, succeed in business.

You can succeed without burnout ever again. 

You can design your business to fit your capacity, your energy level and your nature. 

You don’t need any followers to have impact.

You can make great money without compromising your values. 

I will turn on its head what you think you know about business and show you a path that gives you more balance, fulfillment & freedom. It won’t be anything you have seen before, because it is the opposite of what others are teaching. 


But before we go any farther, one big question!  

Do we fit?

There are countless business coaches out there, and each of us offers different approaches, perspectives and skills.


I believe in a “best fit only” rule. If we aren’t a “best fit” for each other, it won’t work. 

Who I am a best fit for

✔ You have a service business working with clients (unless you want to focus on leadership).

✔ You have a passion for your work.

✔ You are internally motivated to create change in yourself & the world.

✔ You want BALANCE & success.

✔ You want to slow down but continue to succeed in business.

✔ You are willing to skill build & go back to basics.

✔ You are willing to invest time, energy & money in yourself & your business.

✔ You want long-term, sustainable growth.

✔ You want a proven system & program.

✔ You want business development but you also love self-development. 

✔ You want 1:1 coaching but also love that I add a group and training component.

Who I am not a best fit for

✔ You have a product, e-commerce or passive income business (unless you want to focus on leadership).

✔ You want a business ONLY for the money.

✔ You have to have outside pressure to be motivated.

✔ You want success at any cost.

✔ You like to hustle & wear it like a badge. 

✔ You are too “good” for skill building & going back to the basics.

✔ You are not willing to grow, you just want someone to give you the answers.

✔ You are looking for a quick fix, not long-term growth.

✔ You want the shiny object and don’t care about a proven system or program.

✔ You are NOT open to self-development.

✔ You want a one-off session, a group only mastermind or a short-term program that won’t bring real results. 

A very important part of my program is self-development & leadership

You can't run a successful business without developing yourself and learning how to lead. 


Over the last several decades, I have found that 99% of business challenges stem from these two areas (self-development and leadership), not marketing or sales. 


Yes, having business structures, a sales process and a solid foundation are important, but that is the easy part. The hard part is stepping into your value and worth, setting better boundaries, communicating effectively and developing your unique platform for leadership. Self-development and leadership are hard because they require you to confront your fear, your limitations and your true self. 


There is no way around this part, which is why I learned a long time ago that all my business coaching had to include it. 


There is another really important aspect to HOW I teach leadership for women. For centuries we have lost a very important part of our human potential, the feminine/yin side. All arenas of power have pushed the feminine side out and put value in the masculine/yang side. This is why the world is so imbalanced. For women, this is why we end up in burnout, misalignment and limited success.


Both my business program and my leadership program teach women how to access their FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL, utilizing both parts of themselves effectively. 


The Women in the Business Arena program is the leadership program with the additional components of business structures, sales and business practices. 

What stage are you in now?

Knowing your stage of growth will determine the results you get in the first stage of the Women in the Business Arena program.


Business success is a step-by-step process and it starts with where you are now. Not sure where you are now? Take my quiz to get a quick result.


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Based on your stage, here are the results you can get


Foundation Stage:


Clarity on your ideal target market.

The right business model for you.

A high-value, high-impact package or program. 

A proper sales process & a new love for sales.

A way to future proof your business & always stay relevant.

More freedom & financial stability.

More alignment & more peace of mind.

More confidence & leadership skills. 


Solid structures, growth mindset and alignment!



Stability Stage:


A refinement of your business foundations

An ability to communicate effectively with your target market

A mastery of sales & sales conversations

Ownership of your value and genius

Minimal effort for maximum results 

More stability & consistency in results

Wisdom around your blocks & what stops you from more success

Better energy & time management 


Stability, consistency & balance!



Scaling Stage:


A more streamlined business

Clarity around your mission in the world

A renewed motivation to lead

More time, energy & freedom

More simplicity & ease

Clarity on what to do & what to delegate

A 4-phase plan for big growth that doesn’t compromise your balance

Leadership skills & a leadership platform 


Streamline, growth & leadership!





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A few real Success Stories

I have a new life!

“I keep referring to myself as Lacie 2.0. Things are really good- not someday maybe in the future when I get x, y, and z done… they are REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW. I haven’t worked a single weekend hour in the last two months. Many weeks since then I’ve also taken a complete Friday and/or Monday off too. Everything is still getting done. The important things. I could not have done it without you.”

Lacie Taylor
Math for Keeps